Intel brings new experiences to life via Cloud Computing

It seems that today's cloud technology is constantly pushing the envelope of what is or isn't possible in computing. Something as simple as putting a few letters into a search engine and getting thousands of results in seconds is normal today, but just a few years ago, the notion was pure science fiction. The truth is, life in the cloud is just getting started and on the forefront of it all is Intel.

Read this Blog, Intel Brings New Experiences to Life via Cloud Computing, for a sneak peak at how Intel is developing the technologies that will enable a new generation of experiences that we will one day take for granted, but once never thought possible.

  • Learn about the role Intel is playing as an enabler for cloud computing technology
  • Discover just how many cloud servers today run on Intel technology, the answer might surprise you
  • Understand what Intel is doing to help companies deploy next-gen cloud computing infrastructures
Don't miss Intel Brings New Experiences to Life Via Cloud Computing, a blog contribution from Intel Corporations Cloud Infrastructure Group's GM, Jason Waxman, as he lays out the plans for the cloud and new ways to explore, share and connect with each other.
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