Inter Networking of Grids With Sensor Networks

Provided by: International Journal for Research in Science & Advanced Technologies
Topic: Networking
Format: PDF
To set up Grids to share resources such as computers, data, and instruments to enable collaborative science, engineering, and business applications, These Grids follow a restricted organizational model wherein a Virtual Organization (VO) is created for a specific collaboration and all interactions such as resource sharing are limited to within the VO. Therefore, dispersed Grid initiatives have led to the creation of disparate Grids with little or no interaction between them. In this paper, the authors propose a model that: promotes interlinking of islands of Grids through peering arrangements to enable inter-Grid resource sharing: provides a scalable structure for Grids that allow them to interconnect with one another and grow in a sustainable way; creates a global Cyber infrastructure to support e-Science and e-Business applications,

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