Intrinsic Authentication of Multimedia Objects Using Biometric Data Manipulation

The Biometric Gaussian Stream (BGS) cryptosystem was extended by extensive research experimentation. Using this system, complexity is added to an image by passing it through a Gaussian noise function. This function is applied with specific parameters for the mean and variance, which also works as a parallel key. To implement a stream cipher BGS with help of biometric images, the Initial Condition (IC) for Linear Feed Back Shift Register (LFSR) from is extracted iris code. A comparison between various stream ciphers is also made to measure the strength of the BGS cryptosystem. The previous experimentation work has been extended by formulating the algorithmic runtime complexity of the BGS Cryptosystem which proves to be O(n) algorithmically. New techniques to encrypt and assess multimedia objects have been introduced.

Provided by: King Saud University Topic: Security Date Added: Jul 2012 Format: PDF

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