Intrusion Tolerant QoS Provision in Mobile Multihop Relay Networks

Provided by: EURASIP
Topic: Networking
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The authors propose in this paper architecture called trusted timely attacks-Tolerating Communication Architecture (3TCA) designed for Mobile Multi-hop Relay (MMR) networks. The 3TCA architecture is based on trusted components providing trusted time-related and security-related services along with an intrusion-related service while guaranteeing QoS compensation. 3TCA components are implemented at access nodes such as Relay Stations (RSs) and Multi-hop Relay Base Stations (MR-BSs) in order to achieve trusted QoS-aware handover management while guaranteeing intrusion tolerance. In particular, they provide QoS guarantees in terms of delay, bandwidth and jitter for the MMR networks while addressing group mobility through performing handover disturbance compensation for mobile RSs.

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