IoT security: A guide for IT leaders


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  • Published January 28, 2019
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The Internet of Things is delivering data and helpful insights to organizations around the world--but it has also introduced new and potentially devastating vulnerabilities. This ebook offers a comprehensive look at the biggest risks, as well as strategies for addressing them.

From the ebook:

When discussing the problem of Internet of Things security, some are quick to place the blame on the users.

Consumers, they say, don’t know enough about the connected devices they’re installing in their homes and workplaces. They don’t understand that the devices need updating like computers and smartphones. And they forget that the kettle or fridge is online and needs to receive patches and updates just like any other gadget.

It’s true, governments around the world are attempting to tackle this challenge of consumer awareness when it comes to IoT security, increasingly directing campaigns and advice towards end users.

But the buck certainly doesn’t stop with everyday IoT device users: Device manufacturers, retailers, and industry all have significant roles to play in securing the IoT—and if they don’t take responsibility, the internet could become much more dangerous as attackers look to take advantage of unsecure devices to commit cybercrimes ranging from DDoS attacks to cyber espionage.

Part of the IoT problem is that companies with little experience of producing connected devices are now keen to jump on the bandwagon. In many cases they’re probably not thinking about cybersecurity as something they need to consider as part of the design process.

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