IoT Security Checklist

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad concept, encompassing many technologies dispersed horizontally across all sectors. At the core, IoT applications are employed in a variety of monitoring and control functions, providing valuable metrics for both consumers and businesses: tracking, measuring, collecting, analyzing, detecting, alerting, disseminating, locating, and identifying. These operations can be performed remotely, scaled, and deployed in a low-cost manner.

Such benefits provide compelling use cases for organizations and individuals looking for ways to improve efficiency and maximize resources. With the right mix of analytics, actionable intelligence can be pulled from such applications, enhancing processes and providing value.

Developers and implementers have a role to play in ensuring that security is intrinsic to the IoT. Security should be the prerogative of all involved parties, from product inception to commercialization. The basic security checklist in this guide can be used as a high-level guideline of the security considerations stakeholders need to take into account when engaging in IoT product creation.

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