IQ Bot: Intelligent Self-Learning Digital Workforce

IQ Bot automates business processes that rely on semi-structured or unstructured data hidden in electronic documents, images, emails, and more.

IQ Bot leverages multiple AI techniques to intelligently digitize and extract data to make your RPA and/or OCR technology even more effective. IQ Bot keeps learning from corrections made by your knowledge workers, getting smarter and more accurate over time.

What does an IQ Bot do:

  • Automates Classification:
    Regulates the recognition and classification of content with leading
    edge unsupervised learning algorithms.

  • Intelligently Digitizes:
    Leverages the latest computer vision technology to more intelligently
    and accurately digitize documents than traditional OCR technology.

  • Learns on the Job:
    Continuously learns from user feedback getting ‘smarter’ over time.

  • Automates End-to-end Process:
    Automation Anywhere uniquely mixes and matches traditional RPA
    with cognitive technology to achieve unprecedented levels of STP.

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