IT Central Station Whitepaper Flash Array Storage: Best Practices, Tips, and Advice from Real Users

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The world of storage is being transformed by the\r\nmaturing of flash arrays, an approach to storage\r\nthat uses multiple, solid state flash memory drives\r\ninstead of spinning hard disk drives. An all-flash array\r\nperforms the same functions as traditional spinning\r\ndisks but in a fraction of the time required and in more\r\ncompact form factors. Given its superior performance\r\nin certain contexts, all-flash arrays are experiencing\r\nstrong industry adoption. However, best practices and\r\na true understanding of key success factors for all-\r\nflash storage are still emerging. This paper is intended\r\nto educate you on best practices based on real user\r\nexperience drawn from We\r\nofer all-flash user advice in selecting and building the\r\nbusiness case for a flash array storage solution. \r\n\r\n

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