IT innovation report 2015: Top companies, key tech drivers, and biggest roadblocks (TechRepublic Premium)


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  • Published August 13, 2017
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From the report:

Tech Pro Research conducted a survey in March of 2015 to gather input about innovation. We asked about the importance of innovation, what technological and business factors can drive or limit it, what roles are behind the concept, which companies are seen as leaders in the field, and which techniques will help foster innovation in the years ahead.

Here are some of the key findings from the survey:

  • 62% of respondents stated executive management based its decisions around innovational opportunities. 87% of executive managers who participated in the study affirmed this and the trend was especially prevalent among small companies (50 or fewer employees).
  • Approximately half of respondents thought innovation was equally present in the business and consumer realms, while 38% felt it more prevalent in the consumer market.
  • Cloud computing, Mobility and Software as a Service (Saas) are the three most popular technologies for innovation.
  • Cloud computing, Mobility and Collaboration tools are seen as the three most important techniques to achieve innovation over the next 5 years.
  • “Funding,” “bureaucracy/fear of change” and “staffing” are considered the top three impediments to innovation.

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