IT leader’s guide to achieving digital transformation


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  • Published August 15, 2017
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In a recent Tech Pro Research survey, 96% of respondents said they were engaged in some form of digital transformation. They cited benefits such as reducing paper use by shifting to online tools, automation of IT operations, and improving customer service via social media. This ebook offers a broad view of how companies are implementing such digital strategies, where they have succeeded, and what challenges they’ve faced in the process.

From the ebook:

The advantage of working in IT is that you are usually well ahead of digital and computing technology information and adoption curves. The downside is that you often understand the value propositions of a new technology before your colleagues do.

The quandary for the CIO, then, is how to get buy-on from the CEO and other key stakeholders in the organization for technologies you regard as essential to the business. To consider this question at closer range, let’s look at digital transformation.

TechRepublic recently conducted a poll of CIOs, and more than half said their company doesn’t have a formal digital transformation strategy. “Our business supports constantly varying needs from a shifting pool of clients,” said poll respondent David Wilson, director of IT services at VectorCSP. “We embrace opportunities for digital transformation when they present themselves but would not have a clear path for such a formal plan overall.”

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