IT leader’s guide to the automated enterprise


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  • Published December 6, 2016
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Organizations are using automation to streamline business processes, expedite product development and manufacturing, and free staff from low-level repetitive tasks. This ebook looks at how automation is working, its current and future impact on the employment landscape, and the things companies should consider before implementing automated solutions.

From the ebook:

With the growth of mobile devices and the many applications that now support them, IT departments everywhere have witnessed an uptick in requests for new applications at a time when staffing has remained relatively flat. This has prompted the adoption of IT automation that can promote more rapid development and deployment of new applications. It has also prompted leaders to take a look at other areas of IT that can benefit from automation.

At the same time, moving to IT process automation can be difficult. It requires the rewriting of policies and procedures, vetting these rewrites for governance compliance, reworking workflows in the data center to accommodate the automation, and of course, retraining and/or redirecting IT personnel to work with the automation in their daily routines.

For all of these reasons, a majority of IT departments opt to install automation first in the areas of low-hanging fruit—areas where the introduction of automation is least painful and the benefits and results of this automation can be felt right away.

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