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IT leader’s guide to the future of artificial intelligence


  • Provided by TechRepublic Premium
  • Published November 13, 2016
  • Topic TechRepublic Premium
  • Format PDF
Information about artificial intelligence is complex, often confusing, and sometimes contradictory. This guide clarifies some AI concepts and examines the trends, big players, potential benefits and pitfalls, and current use cases for AI technologies.

From the guide:

“Artificial intelligence, which has been around since the 1950s, has seen ebbs and flows in popularity over the last 60+ years. But today, with the recent explosion of big data, high-powered parallel processing, and advanced neural algorithms, we are seeing a renaissance in AI—and companies from Amazon to Facebook to Google are scrambling to take the lead. According to AI expert Roman Yampolskiy, 2016 is the year of AI on steroids.”

Topics covered in this ebook include:
  • Reality versus myths and hype
  • AI cybersecurity initiatives
  • AI and ethical decision making
  • Privacy and job loss concerns
  • AI and medical breakthroughs
  • The popularity of chatbots
  • Platforms and prominent AI analysts to watch

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