IT Manager's Tool Kit and Essential IT Forms


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  • Published May 21, 2009
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IT Manager's Tool Kit V3 and Essential IT Forms is a compilation of two of TechRepublic's most popular downloads. IT Manager's Tool Kit V3: Another popular TechRepublic CD back in electronic form! Make better use of your time. Leverage the grassroots advice and proven time-saving tools collected in TechRepublic's IT Manager's Tool Kit, Third Edition. Proven peer-authored advice and over 30 templates cover a variety of management topics to help you overcome staffing, financial, disaster planning and other technology challenges.

Essential IT Forms: TechRepublic's Essential IT Forms CD contains a dozen ready-to-use forms specially designed for IT operations. From computer account access requests to help desk trouble tickets and more, IT departments of all sizes will find these forms invaluable to their resource-tracking and record-keeping efforts.

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