IT Security: Cost Center or Strategic Investment?

Among SMBs, the average total impact of a data breach amounts to $87,800. For enterprises, it is more than ten times higher at $992,000.

Does your company view IT security as a cost center that must be endured or a strategic investment that ensures business continuity and protection? We took a close look at this question in our eBook, IT Security: Cost Center or Strategic Investment?

Drawing on the results of our annual survey of more than 5,000 companies of all sizes from 30 countries, we dive deep into this topic, exploring such issues as:

  • With IT budgets under pressure, how are companies doing more with less?
  • How are key stakeholders, such as customers and investors, changing their expectations for how companies handle IT security?
  • Where are companies spending their money in the aftermath of a data breach? How does this spending differ between small-businesses and large enterprises?
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