IT Services Firm Enhances UNIX Security While Simplifying Management

SMB clients delivered enterprise-level support with Privileged Access Suite for UNIX.

Business Communication (Bcom), is responsible for managing, monitoring and ensuring the security for their clients’ networks. The firm’s clients span the SMB spectrum, from small manufacturers to finance to insurance organizations. As a trusted security advisor, Bcom needs to make sure that the practices that they use to manage clients networks are secure and prepared to comply with access auditing as required by the upcoming GDPR (European data protection regulation).

As the number of UNIX and Linux servers under their watch continued to grow, managing and ensure their security was becoming quite a challenge for Bcom. This challenge was complicated by the fact that natively UNIX and Linux don’t have centralized identity stores or authentication. Bcom had to create, use and update identities on each server, which was a time-consuming and onerous task. Bcom was securely storing all the passwords in an encrypted password vault but because there were so many of them, they weren’t changing them on a regular basis.

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