IW Social Business

Provided by: IBM Topic: Big Data Date Added: May 2012 Format: HTML
When AIIM started tracking Enterprise 2.0 in March 20081, only 13% of respondents felt their organization had any real understanding of what it was about. That report focused on the definition and scope of Web 2.0 technologies and how they might be used in a business environment. The world has moved on somewhat in the last three years.

We are more aware of the different demands of customer-facing, employee-facing and public Enterprise 2.02. The phrase "Systems-of-Engagement" was coined last year by Geoffrey Moore in his AIIM-sponsored study to differentiate communication-centric applications from more traditional transaction-centric applications or "Systems-of-Record". For this report, we are using the term "Social Business". This is a broad school, but most people understand or can guess at what it means - "business application of social technologies and applications". We are also in this report more focused on employee-facing or partner-facing applications.

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