Job description: Identity access management specialist


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  • Published March 30, 2015
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The news has been filled with stories of high-profile breaches in cyber security at large businesses. The hacking has caused havoc on a variety of levels, compromising bank accounts, embarrassing corporate executives and allowing identity theft. Online and data security procedures obviously have a lot of catching up to do. That is why cyber-security jobs, with titles such as identity access management specialist, have become increasingly important in companies of all different sizes.

From securing transactions to making sure that proprietary data remains private, the security specialist is charged with incredibly sensitive and extraordinarily important work across all platforms at a company. Designing a new business strategy for online sales? A security specialist would work on making sure transactions and customer information remain secure. Revamping internal communications? A specialist would assist in keeping correspondence from being accessed from outside the company.

An identity access management specialist is responsible for designing, testing and refining cyber-security systems for a company, with the ultimate goal of providing a secure environment for online transactions, communications and business practices.

If you're ready to hire an identity access management specialist, then Tech Pro Research's job description will help your HR department find the ideal candidate for your organization. The job description can be used as is, or downloaded and modified as needed.

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