Job description: Ecommerce tech analyst


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  • Published July 28, 2016
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If you’re in business to make money online, how can you make sure your ecommerce system is the best it can be? A qualified ecommerce tech analyst can help. This download outlines job responsibilities and necessary skills.

From the job description:

While there are no federal Bureau of Labor Statistics figures for the specific job of ecommerce tech analyst, overall positions in the field are expected to grow by 12% or more in the next eight years, faster than the country’s average.

Ecommerce tech analysts do exactly what the job title suggests: They analyze the technical aspects of a company’s ecommerce system, spot problems, and devise innovative solutions to those problems. They will be well versed, though not necessarily an expert, in SEO, SEM, SM, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CRMs, ERPs, and logistics, Tremblay said. They should also be up on the latest technical developments in ecommerce and know how those might affect company operations.

Responsibilities include analyzing technical issues in online sales systems and proposing solutions to them, working effectively within a team to accomplish technical goals, communicating both with management and laterally with other IT workers, and collecting, managing, and interpreting data to achieve desired ecommerce efficiencies.

Along with excellent communications and project management skills, this job role also demands experience in problem-solving ecommerce technical issues, creative thinking, and experience in collecting and managing large amounts of data.

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