Job description: Front-end developer


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  • Published December 21, 2015
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Having a merely functional website is not enough in today’s business environment. Your website must look good and function flawlessly, providing users with the type of customer experience that is both fulfilling and impressive. To provide that type of experience (known as UX for “user experience”), you will need a top-line front-end developer.

The front-end developer is a more specialized version of a web developer. He or she focuses very specifically on the UX portion of the web experience (as opposed to the UI or “user interface” area). A good front-end developer is not just a nuts-and-bolts worker. He or she has strong design capabilities and is able to produce a product that is both visually appealing and functional. It is a front-end developer’s job to take the basic wireframes of a site and create the visual elements that will make the application attractive and pleasing. Ideally, a front-end developer will work hand-in-hand with the back-end UI developer for a seamless experience.

If your organization is ready to hire a Front-end developer, download this job description and use as is, or modify as needed.

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