Job description: IT project manager


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  • Published June 28, 2015
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If your company looking to overhaul its operating system or looking to upgrade in-house communications and human resources functions, your business needs an IT project manager. The skills of a project manager (planning, monitoring progress, coaching, appraising job performance and establishing bench- marks) are both unique and highly sought after. Industry IT leaders ranked project managers second in a list of the most critical roles for enabling a company’s success, according to TEKsystems’ Annual IT Forecast for 2015. That placement that is unchanged from the 2014 survey, despite shifts in the priorities for a number of other positions. It is clear from the results that the project manager’s dual role as a manager and a “doer” make those able to fill the job highly valuable to an organization.

If your company is ready to hire a new IT project manager, you can use Tech Pro Research's template for your HR department to post the job as written, or download and modify as needed.

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