Juniper’s Cloud Metro: Built for Experience-First Network

In the next few years, metro traffic will grow 4x faster than anywhere else in the network and most of it will stay there, serving distributed edge services. The lines separating different parts of the network and services (business, residential, mobile xHaul) will blur. And new distributed 5G and edge services will push nearly a third of all workloads out to edge clouds. Traditional metro networks built to trombone traffic through a centralized core won’t get the job done. To capitalize on new 5G and edge opportunities, network operators need a network built around experience-driven outcomes, not connectivity. They need a Cloud Metro.

Juniper’s Cloud Metro vision reimagines today’s siloed, point-to-point metro networks as a single, versatile IP services fabric. Our vision is built on our experience with cloud-scale operators managing massive networks at scale with automated operations. Today, we’ve translated those design concepts to address new needs of next-generation Metro networks. Unlike today’s fragmented architectures, a Cloud Metro is built for resource-pooling, network slicing and automated cloud-based operations. It interfaces with both physical and virtual network functions to offer distributed services closer to the end user. It intelligently distributes user plane functions and the service edge wherever needed to maximize efficiency and quality. Plus, it uses a cloud-like architecture to bring cloud agility and resiliency to metro networks.

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