LaConf: A Localized Address Autoconfiguration Scheme for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

The authors propose a Localized Address auto-Configuration (LaConf) scheme for wireless ad hoc networks. Address allocation information is maintained on the network border nodes, called Addressing Agents (AAs), which are locally identified by a geographic routing protocol GFG (Greedy-FACE-Greedy). When a node joins the network, it acquires an address from a neighboring AA (if any exists) by local communication or from the head AA (a geographic extreme AA) by GFG-based multi-hop communication. A Geographic Hash Table (GHT) is adopted for duplicate address detection. Each address is hashed to a unique location in the network field, and the associated assignment information is stored along the face perimeter enclosing that location (in the planar graph).

Provided by: University of Ottawa Topic: Mobility Date Added: Oct 2011 Format: PDF

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