Large Cad Model Challenges

Software enhancements, hardware upgrades help engineers boost productivity while managing larger models.

Engineers are working with increasingly larger and more complex models during the design process. Working with a model of a complete airplane, for example, has always been a challenge, but model size and complexity are an ongoing concern across industries.

New solid-state storage options, CPUs with faster clock speeds and more powerful GPUs are just some of the hardware advances being integrated into next-generation engineering
workstations to help with large-scale 3D model management and processing.

The choice of NVIDIA RTX platform depends on the use case—the NVIDIA RTX 4000 hits the sweet spot for engineers immersed in photorealistic ray tracing applications, while the higher-end NVIDIA RTX 8000, which is equipped with 48GB of GPU memory and ability to pair two GPUs to double system memory and performance, is the highest end option.

SOLIDWORKS also has a Large Assembly Mode, designed to accelerate assembly performance. When this mode is turned on, the software employs a number of strategies to reduce the graphics workload..

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