Leveraging the Power of a Unified Workspace to Manage Mobile Environments in Federal Government

The proliferation and virtualization of mobile computing
environments—which is inextricably linked to the massive
adoption of mobility—has reshaped the federal government
IT landscape. Agency employees travel more than ever for official
business, are on battlefields or work from home, and the federal
telework initiative exemplifies this shift. As a result of their
mobility, and the resulting need to manage these department issued
or BYOD mobile devices, there is a strong push to centrally
manage virtual, physical and cloud-hosted desktops, devices,
applications and online services. This movement has the potential
to transform federal government, not only giving employees
a more flexible, efficient and cost-effective way to work, but
enabling IT to become a driver of productivity and a contributor
at a strategic level. The key is to be able to leverage the profound
productivity impact of mobility while ensuring security.

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