Live, at Wharton, Music Man Ron Delsener

The article presents some fact that kids with a few extra bucks and time on their hands could enjoy a bit of entertainment. Providing quality talent at cheap ticket prices attract thousands who wait in line for hours. Entrepreneurs credit their parents for allowing them to live at home while pursuing their dream of producing concerts. The piece tells about some facts. Radio stations have lost their distinctive sound. A programmer sitting by the pool in Los Angeles calling the shots for stations nationwide can't capture the local flavor. Further diminishing the variety of music has been the change in payment structure for live concerts. The business changed when the acts got smart. Instead of paying concert promoters in percentages, acts started offering a flat fee from which all of the promoters' expenses, including advertising, are deducted. As to the state of American business it is said that most businesses are seasonal. Reviews should be made on a yearly basis which factor in the highs and lows for the entire year. That way one gets the true picture.

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