Live Demo: The AI-Driven Enterprise

Experience the Power of AIOPs Across Your Entire Network. Attend one of our live Transformation Thursday demos to see how The Self-Driving Network™ driven by Mist AI brings insights into user experiences, leveraging AI for IT operations (AIOps).

Qualified demo attendees will receive a free Mist Access Point.

The Juniper AI-driven enterprise, built on an innovative microservices cloud platform, extends Mist AI from Wi-Fi to access switching, to security, and to the WAN. In this demo, discover:

  • Customizable service levels for the WAN, WLAN, and LAN.
  • How to troubleshoot in seconds with our Marvis virtual network assistant.
  • Personalized location services with Bluetooth® LE.
  • Unique AI-driven features such as advanced RRM, anomaly detection, and dynamic packet capture.

    Upcoming Special Edition Transformation Thursday

    Attend our exciting AI-Driven Enterprise deep dive, live demos:

    Supercharge Your Network with Mist AI and the EX4400 (May 13)

    It’s time to turn AI-driven switching up a notch with the EX4400, the industry’s best access switch born in the era of cloud and AI. Paired with Mist AI and Marvis, the EX4400 offers truly unrivaled AIOps capabilities while delivering on Experience-first Networking.

    Meet Session Smart SD-WAN (June 10)
    Imagine if your network could recognize and support users and their applications, optimizing experiences and productivity. Attend one of our live demos to discover game-changing insights and automation from client-to-cloud. See how unprecedented session-based visibility and fine-grained application-aware routing bring huge benefits.

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