Location Aware Routing in Intermittently Connected MANETs

Provided by: G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Existing mobile ad hoc routing protocols like AODV, DSR and GPSR allow nodes to communicate with one another with an assumption that there exists a connected path from source to destination. Due to limited transmission range, power limitations, mobility of nodes, and the wide physical conditions over which ad hoc networks must be deployed; in some scenarios it is likely that this assumption is invalid leading to intermittent connectivity and absence of end-to-end connections. In this paper, the authors propose a geographical routing algorithm called Location-Aware ROuting for Delay-tolerant networks (LAROD), enhanced with a location service, Location Dissemination Service (LoDiS), which together are shown to suit an Intermittently Connected MANET (IC-MANET).

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