Low Level Object Oriented Language in Context of Comparative Study Between Two Low Level Languages Msil(microsoft Intermediate Language)or Cil and Java Byte Code

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST)
Topic: Software
Format: PDF
Most of the software were developed using high level languages such as Java, C#.NET,VB.NET, etc. The main advantages of these languages are object oriented features. This helps to developer to develop software with graphical user interface, portable, ease of use, efficient and secure. Low level language like assembly language, machine languages are not user friendly, hard to program but faster in execution than high level languages. In this paper, the authors have done comparative study between two low level language MSIL (Micro Soft Intermediate Language) or CIL and Java Byte Code. Both of these languages have object oriented features. This paper also includes brief introduction about programming languages, and translators.

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