Mac Endpoints Move Into the Enterprise and Into the Crosshairs of Hackers

After years of believing the Mac® was immune to attack, the world is waking up to the fact that it is indeed vulnerable to malware and exploits. Recent growth in corporate use of Macs has made the platform increasingly interesting to hackers: high-value users (such as executives and road warriors) and high-value content (including designs and engineering specs) are inviting a growing number of hacking attempts. We can’t afford to go through the long learning curve we saw with Windows® endpoints, trying a variety of approaches that ultimately fail. Instead, we must take a fresh approach to protecting Macs, and employ better, more effective ways of protecting against both malware and exploits. It’s important to understand what a multi-method prevention approach can do for Mac endpoint security. When built on a next-generation security platform, this approach can provide full context and intelligence, enabling the security team to address the unique requirements of the Mac while providing protection for all endpoints.

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