Malicious Bots Automatic Detection on Internet Using Data Stream Classification

The Internet has become a much wider place as if of now. It is not regarded as a sole place for human beings but also for Bots too. A Bot is defined as an automated program-a Robot, which reads website pages and gathers as much information as possible to use it in a better way for Web Community. Different kinds of Bots are there on Internet some as regarded as Legitimate Bots and some are Malicious Bots. The Legitimate Bots are those which perform legitimate tasks on Internet that would otherwise take a long time to execute. Example: Spider Bots-which are used by Search Engines like Google to explore Web pages content, Media Bots-which are used to provide updates on weather conditions, news, sports, etc.

Provided by: International Association of Engineers Topic: Mobility Date Added: Jan 2012 Format: PDF

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