Malware Detection and Removal Techniques

Provided by: International Journal of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
Malwares are malignant softwares. It is designed to damage computer systems without the knowledge of the owner using the system. Softwares from reputable vendors also contain malicious code that affects the system or leaks informations to remote servers. Malwares includes computer viruses, Worms, spyware, dishonest ad-ware, rootkits, Trojans, dialers etc. Malware is one of the most serious security threats on the Internet today. In fact, most Internet problems such as spam e-mails and denial of service attacks have malware as their underlying cause. Computers that are compromised with malware are often networked together to form botnets and many attacks are launched using these malicious, attacker controlled networks. The paper focuses on various Malware detection and removal methods.

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