Managing The Boss And The Bosses During Crises: Avoid Deficits In Response Planning Questions

Probably the greatest deficit in response planning for emergency situations is having scenario specific, situationaly productive, pre-approved, and understood instructions for what the bosses need to be doing, and when they should be doing it. A crisis or emergency situation gives top executives something important to do immediately together or separately. Bosses dive in willingly and apply all of their intellectual power, experience, and intuition. The unintended consequence is that all of the conscientious planning, preparation, rehearsal, and simulation may be for naught since top management will start from the very beginning and spend hours trying to figure out what they and everyone else should be doing. They may spend lot of time covering bases that don?t immediately matter, like, embarrassment-avoidance, self- forgiveness, searching for the guilty, or just self- talk. Meanwhile, the situation continues to leak, foam, stink, burn, and, perhaps, even kill or maim.

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