Managing Workload by Time Optimizing in Hybrid Cloud Environment

There is a need to improve the service reliability, security, availability, privacy and regulation complaint requirements in public cloud along with private cloud. By using hybrid cloud environment the users can improve those concerns. If the workload is managed properly in the cloud environment, availability will be automatically increased. A better load balancing algorithm should be a fault tolerant one. Good load balance technique will improve the performance of the entire cloud. However, there is no common method that can adapt to all possible different situations. However, all the existing load balancing algorithms are applied to the entire cloud environment. This creates an overhead in maintaining all the status of the nodes. In the hybrid cloud, the Intelligent Workload Factoring (IWF) is designed for proactive workload management. The intelligent workload factoring has a three components workload profiling, based load threshold and fast factoring.

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International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Research (IJMTER)