Mapping the route to IT transformation

By: Steve Harris, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Dell EMC Federal

Agencies must be strategic about transforming IT while staying on top of daily operational needs – Agencies have long-standing IT environments that support broad-based, complex missions. So when it comes to IT transformation, they do not have the luxury of building a new infrastructure from the ground up — especially one that capitalizes on today’s capabilities and protects against today’s threats. Instead, they must keep their existing IT systems running so that they can remain open for business even as they seek to transform that environment.
Achieving the transformative goal of full adoption of IT as a service requires planning and prioritization. Officials should start by identifying apps and services that best align with their mission-critical requirements. Then they need to create a one- to three-year strategic plan that transforms how they host the highest priority applications and workloads while adjusting the resources devoted to less critical IT.

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