Mathematical Model of MCCA-Based Streaming Process in Mesh Networks in the Presence of Noise

Provided by: Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
One of the today challenges for the mesh networks researches is reliable transmission of multimedia traffic. This traffic demands high Quality of Service (QoS), to provide which it is suitable to use Mesh Coordinated Channel Access (MCCA) - the novel medium access method described in IEEE 802.11s. According to MCCA, mesh STAtions (STAs) set up periodic reservations; if all STAs in the network support MCCA, every STA gets access to the medium with no contention during the reservations it has scheduled. Most papers devoted to MCCA are written under the assumption of ideal channel conditions. However, in order to satisfy QoS demands, it is necessary to take random noise into account.

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