MATLAB/Simulink Versus Refined Real Time Simulation of an Alternative Electrical Energy System in Dynamic Aspects

Dynamic behavior of alternative energy based Hybrid Power System (HPS) is commonly analyzed using Matlab/Simulink. This way of simulation has the limitation in interfacing the model with hardware for real time control, which in turn limits in span of the simulation and consumes more time for simulation. Besides, simulator choice for the designed dynamic model is also constrained. Though, this simulation results may satisfies the system performance, the same may not be implemented practically in real time scenarios. This raises a new thought of modeling the HPS, which can be practically implementable. Hence, this paper proposes an original philosophy for modeling and simulation of HPS with improved simulation capabilities like fidelity, speed, and effective real time control.

Provided by: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Jul 2011 Format: PDF

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