Maximizing Your ROI & Employee Experience With PC as a Service

Creating a top-notch employee experience is the focus of many employers. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee.

But make no mistake: An employee who has the right computer, software and accessories is going to be the most productive. If you have employees using slow PCs that frequently need IT support, all the perks in the world won’t make them happy.

In a recent analysis commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel, Forrester Consulting measured the total economic impact of Dell PCaaS. This analysis assumes a 4,000-user composite organization modeled after 10 Dell PCaaS customers. In this scenario, they assume the organization is a global manufacturer with an employee base shifting to work location flexibility.

Forrester compared Dell PCaaS to the average monthly cost the model organization would incur if it handled procurement, support and asset recovery services internally. They estimate that Dell PCaaS would help reduce the organization’s monthly PC lifecycle costs per device from $24.34 to $19.39, a saving of 20.3%.

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