Measuring the Perceptual Quality of Skype Sources

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
The success of Skype has inspired a generation of peer-to-peer based solutions for real-time multimedia services over the Internet. However, there lacks still a robust metric quantifying the perceptual quality of a Skype call. The widely-used PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) falls short of modeling super-wideband calls, which are characteristics of SILK - Skype's codec made public in 2011. Towards a robust QoE (Quality of Experience) metric for VoIP call analysis, the authors propose a model, referred to as WF-Regression model, to capture the call rate and perceptual quality relationship. The model is shown through a user study that it is robust, R-square = 0.9990 and outperform PESQ modeling the quality of Skype calls, error ratio = 3.68% vs. 14.59%.

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