Merchants Seek Mobile Mastery – A Task-Oriented Review of the Mobile Experience

For the past 4 years, the e-tailing group has strived to be in the forefront of mobile by adapting their industry respected mystery shopping to the mobile channel. Objectives for the 2013 survey were to assess the year-over-year trends, highlight top mobile retailers and key in on best practices. Retailers can then roadmap opportunities to evolve this technology in hopes of maintaining parity with their competitors all the while staying in step with the connected consumer.

In 3Q13 the e-tailing group benchmarked the on-the-go consumer experience by exploring mobile sites from the home page product page perspective and then going through the checkout process up to the point of order submission. The onsite user experience was evaluated on 188 metrics, looking at 6 top tasks consumers are likely to perform along with the overall usability of their experience.

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