Microservers: The newest data center innovation (TechRepublic Premium)


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  • Published April 23, 2017
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From the report:

The microserver has become an option for companies today for computing needs, for certain use cases. Chosen wisely, this new arrival on the server form factor spectrum can solve an immediate need for companies. Reduced cost, lower space and power requirements are among the options that entice companies to this form factor for server class systems.

In an era where cloud technologies need to be considered before any investment, the server is still an integral part of IT services. The need for a local experience and full control of an application are strong, yet companies also are investigating new application models; and the microserver can assist. Whether a critical application has a test and development bed or remote offices need a low cost compute solution; microservers are finding their way into business IT budgets.

Given that the microserver is a relatively new form factor, itbecomes hard to decide where to use them or if the use is appropriate at this point. In February and March, 167 individuals responded to the Tech Pro Research survey on microservers and provided insight into how they are using them and why. Further, you’ll see that it’s not just the small business who is finding a use case for the microserver. Today, companies need every option to be competitive on all fronts. Some companies feel the microserver may fill a void for certain situations by being at the right price point

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