Microservices: The foundation of tomorrow’s enterprise applications (free PDF)

Microservices architecture has the potential to pick up where service-oriented architecture (SOA) left off, making application development faster, more scalable, and more flexible. But as with SOA, some doubt microservices can live up to their promise. This special feature free PDF from ZDNet and TechRepublic helps CIOs sort out the fact from fiction.

In the download:

  • Microservices 101: A guide to microservice architecture
  • Survey: Microservices worth the hype
  • How to plan a microservices implementation
  • SOA versus microservices: How are they different?
  • Best practices for securing microservices
  • Australian neobank Xinja is mastering integration through microservices
  • 8 ways to make sure you really need microservices
  • 8 speed bumps that may slow down the microservices and container express
  • How to avoid turning microservices into distributed spaghetti code
  • And more!

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