Microsoft BitLocker: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

BitLocker enables whole-disk encryption to provide efficient, easy-to-implement data protection that systems admins can manage. This ebook offers details and resources to help you learn about what BitLocker has to offer.

From the ebook:

BitLocker is Microsoft’s encryption program that provides full-disk encryption of hard drives or USB flash drives. By using the latest encryption algorithms and leveraging the power and efficiency of modern CPUs, the entire contents of the startup disk are encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to the data stored on the disk, save for those with either the login account to decrypt the disk or those who have the recovery key.

By enabling BitLocker’s whole-disk encryption, data is secured from prying eyes and all attempts to access this data physically or over the network will be met with either prompts to authenticate or error messages saying the data (including data backups) can’t be accessed.

Why does BitLocker matter?
Security is everyone’s responsibility. BitLocker’s strong, whole-disk encryption standard and flexible nature go the extra mile in protecting data stored on fixed or portable devices from unauthorized access. Like most encryption schemes, BitLocker by itself won’t do much to protect against attacks to the device, keep out threat actors, or prevent phishing campaigns from emailing everyone in the hopes of finding a way in. It serves as the last resort, however, which should offer some peace of mind that attackers will have to work hard to break the encryption algorithm to successfully read the data.

This is especially useful for mobile professionals who rely on mobile devices and untrusted networks, departmental staff who work with HR, financial, and/or sensitive data, and basically anyone who wants to keep their data protected and private, especially in the event that the device becomes lost or stolen. Encryption ensures that the data will have little to no value in its unreadable state.

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