Microsoft Power BI: Getting started with data visualization (free PDF)

Power BI transforms data into useful information you can share with management, stakeholders, and other decision makers. This ebook presents an overview of Power BI capabilities and walks through several techniques to help you turn raw data into dashboards, documents, and reports.

Learn what Power BI is, who can benefit from it, and how to get it. Then see how to set up an Excel workbook to use with Power BI, create your first dashboard, connect to data on OneDrive, and share your dashboards and reports.

From the ebook:

The big data revolution continues in earnest and enterprises continue to generate more and more data about every business interaction they can track. Couple this with the volume of data now being generated by devices and sensors connected via the Internet of Things and you begin to appreciate the universal need for better data visualization.

All of this generated data must be transformed into actionable information that decision makers can use. Data visualizations in the form of dashboards and reports must be developed and shared throughout the enterprise, crossing departmental and sometimes even international lines. The Power BI suite of data visualization tools is designed to accomplish the transformation of data into useful information.

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