Microsoft Wow Service Social Intelligence Guide For Customer Service

We all know what constitutes a good and a bad customer experience. Waiting on hold for half an hour to get
rescheduled when your flight was canceled? Bad. Receiving a bottle of wine in your hotel room upon checkin?

Amazing customer experiences happen when companies empower their employees to listen to, personalize
interactions with, and engage with their customers across the product or service’s life cycle.

In this social engagement guide for customer service, we’ve reached out to some of the foremost thought
leaders on the subject. Future publications will feature some of the research and data that we’re uncovering
by collaborating with the world’s best companies, organizations, and governments. We’ll also focus on social
engagement at scale.

With features that provide insights through social engagement, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is on a path to
empower companies like never before. We hope you find this series valuable to your business, and we look
forward to hearing about how you deliver amazing customer experiences on social.

Let’s get our social on.

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