MIMO Multiple Access Channel With an Arbitrarily Varying Eavesdropper: Secrecy Degrees of Freedom

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
A two-transmitter Gaussian multiple access wiretap channel with multiple antennas at each of the nodes is investigated. The channel matrices o f the legitimate users are fixed and revealed to all the terminals, whereas the channel matrices of the eavesdropper are arbitrarily varying and only known to the eavesdropper. The secrecy degrees of freedom (s.d.o.f.) region under a strong secrecy constraint is characterized. A transmission scheme that orthogonalizes the transmit signals of the two users at the intended receiver, and uses a single-user wiretap code for each user, is shown to achieve the s.d.o.f. region. The converse involves establishing an upper bound on a weighted-sum-rate expression

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