Mixed Reality: A New Dimension of Work (Harvard Business Review)

At Microsoft, we are on a mission to empower every person and organization on
the planet to achieve more. Central to this mission is our aim to build tools for
the modern workplace, tools that will close the gap between workers and the
information they need to do their best in the work, from the C-suite to the Firstline.

Mixed reality is one of the most powerful of these tools. From virtual reality
simulations to augmented reality and data in the context of the real world, mixed
reality has already begun to change the way we work, learn, and communicate.
Whether in remote assistance, space planning, training, teamwork, or IoT-based
spatial analytics, mixed reality has enormous potential to help businesses and their
employees work smarter, faster, and better. By bringing information into our world,
when and where we need it most, mixed reality adds a new dimension of creativity,
teamwork, and security to the modern workplace.

This report will explore the opportunity organizations
have to create more intuitive, immersive, and empowering experiences for their
employees, in order to better serve their customers in this increasingly digital age.

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