Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Flexibility in Dynamic Denial of Service Attacks

Significant progress has been made towards making ad hoc networks secure and DoS resilient. However, little attention has been focused on quantifying DoS resilience: Do ad hoc networks have sufficiently redundant path sand counter-DoS mechanisms to make DoS attacks largely ineffective? Or are there attack and system factors that can lead to devastating effects? In this paper, the authors design and study DoS attacks in order to assess the damage that difficult-to-detect attacker scan cause. The first attack they study, called the JellyFish attack, is targeted against closed-loop flows such as TCP; Although protocol compliant, it has devastating effects. The second is the Black Hole attack, which has effects similar to the JellyFish, but on open-loop flows.

Provided by: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering (IJARCSSE) Topic: Mobility Date Added: Feb 2012 Format: PDF

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