Mobility, Security Concerns, and Avoidance

Provided by: SAP
Topic: Mobility
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Data drives business today, as IT managers and security executives face enormous pressure to use data effectively and securely. They require quick, agile transmission of data via a wide number of communication channels and devices, with smartphones and tablets in particular being an increasingly prevalent data consumption device. The corporate mobile landscape is increasingly crowded by devices, business applications, and technologies, including an increasing number of business applications ready for (or designed to be used with) mobile devices such as laptops, netbooks, smartphones, and tablets. Furthermore, organizations are adopting "bring your own device (BYOD)" initiatives that allow users to incorporate their own mobile devices into daily business tasks, from e-mail to the use of all business applications available within the organization. At the same time, freedom to access data through mobile devices involves serious risks and issues. One reason information is such an important asset for an organization is that it conceals intrinsic value. It needs to be managed securely to prevent/minimize internal and external threats that might expose this information to deliberate or non-deliberate disclosure, misuse, or damage.

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