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Topic: Data Centers
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Join us at EMC Forum 2016 and learn how to modernise your business.

Are you ready to modernise?

The next decade of technology will be unlike any we've experienced before. Connected devices and mobile apps will bring you closer than ever to your customers. And those customers will produce a deluge of data that will spur future innovation and increased business demands.


EMC Forum will kick off with keynotes from some of the world’s most innovative thinkers including EMOTIV founder Tan Le, a pioneer in bioinformatics and ‘brain wearables’.

The rest of the day will include a range of breakout sessions covering the biggest issues in IT today, with real-life case studies from leading organisations across ANZ.

Take a look at some of the day’s highlights:
  • Learn how to modernise your infrastructure: Learn how your business can take advantage of rapid shifts in technology to optimise your IT investments.
  • Converged platforms are the new end game: What does hyper-converged mean and how can it help your business innovate?
  • Build a modern workforce with technology: How you can build a happier and more productive workforce with the right technology.
  • Modernise with all-flash: Why 2016 has become the "Year of All-Flash" and how it can drive your company's success.
  • Find out how to protect your data: Learn how to protect your data – whether it’s on premise, in virtualised environments or in the cloud.
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