Modified Prime Number Factorization Algorithm (MPFA) for RSA Public Key Encryption

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Provided by: International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE)
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
The public key encryption security such as RSA scheme relied on the integer factoring problem. The security of RSA algorithm based on positive integer N, which is the product of two prime numbers, the factorization of N is very intricate. In this paper a factorization method is proposed, which is used to obtain the factor of positive integer N. The present work focuses on factorization of all trivial and nontrivial integer numbers as per Fermat method and requires fewer steps for factorization process of RSA modulus N. By experimental results it has been shown that factorization speed becomes increasing as compare to traditional Trial Division method, Fermat Factorization method, Brent's Factorization method and Pollard Rho Factorization method.
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